7 thoughts on “Zulutrade Settings & Review – Automated Forex Trading Made Easy!!”

  1. yea check out the new video 🙂 it is very very good, entertaining and as easy as the platform actually is. guys, thank god it exists, i have makde some really nice returns with it 😉

  2. This video is old , Zulutrade have released a new website which is more functional and with a greater design. Also they’ve released new features (zuluguard) that protects the accounts of investors. I love how they improve everytime.

  3. My demo account is now up 4700 dollars in 5 days from GBP/USD buy trade 215 pips dam think if i was doing the same with a real account

  4. The most important factor which affects the profitability of any signal provider you set in Zulutrade is to choose the optimum stop loss value for that particular Signal Provider (SP).
    The “catch” to profit from the right signal provider is a strict money management policy. Which is to use custom limit/stop settings. Here is A tool to find out the optimum stop loss value for any Zulutrade Signal Provider. visit

  5. Buenos tardes desde la preciosia Rio di Janeiro!!:)

    Zulutrade es una sistema muiiiii friendly…it teach me how to trade forex and gains me money every day:) Adicionalmente, el servicio al cliente es muy provechoso 🙂

  6. Zulutrade does make money, however you have to be careful of the 100% correct traders as they have a big draw down. I use zulugain as one of my providers as he make good trade with low risk…

  7. Nice vid. If anyone is wanting more help, then there’s a new indicator
    that will do the trick. It’s just been released (Nov 2012).
    When a trend change occurs, It sends you an email/SMS alert.
    It simply tells you when to get in and then when to get out.
    If interested, I’ve created a 3 minute video review.
    Click on my Username, then click Browse Videos, then the video.
    Enjoy everyone.

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