35 thoughts on “Dub FX live in Kiev 28.03.09 part_1”

  1. Travis lost but in my oppinion it’s more of a no-contest, knocking a guy out that can’t even walk isn’t that hard.

  2. Can that annoying fucking russian girl just shut the fuck up. What kind of stupid questions is she asking, wtf.

  3. Flyweights are beast and I’m taking John Dodson over Mighty Mouse. Don’t let his voice fool you, he’s a thinker and a killer! Travis Browne will be back, upset as he should be. His body gave out but his warrior spirit is stronger than ever, really looking forward to both his and Bigfoot’s next fights!

  4. dodson is soo annoying. he’s officially the first ufc fighter I dislike… a lot. mighty mouse if youre watching this. please knock him the fuck out.

  5. specially Dodson.. that dude got me from the first time i ever saw him in TUF.. annyoing as fuck

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  7. Wow! I feel really bad for Browne. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone up there so disappointed. Get well soon bro!

  8. Yeah i know mate, hes done bristol etc, its just i mean the crowd participation. everyone over here would just walk past

  9. Seriously. This is the best crowd I’ve seen in all his videos thus far. I keep coming back to the Dub Fx Kiev videos.

  10. ААаааааа! Жалко не попал на это действо!))) True artist! Huge Respect!!!

  11. Против 1 – моральный урод слушающий Верку Пердючку!

  12. The First: Gingerbread man and the second: The Future but they always improvise at live shows and on the streets and add lyrics from their songs 🙂

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